The goal is to join rings with managers. We have literally thousands of adoptable and assignable rings. (Assignable is a word I use to differentiate between the rings given up by the manager willingly and those not migrated/abandoned).

There is much confusion over what rings are available and which ones are not. Hopefully the information below will help.

  Any ring 'managed' by the following IDs are Adoptable:

  • adopt
  • animation
  • cuz97
  • game_fan
  • holiday
  • movie_fan
  • music
  • rec_one
  • ring_fun
  • wr_bob
  • wr_gus
  • wr_radio
  • wr_tv
  Any ring 'managed' by the following IDs are Assignable:
  • abandoned
  • webring
  The following rings, at this time, are not available except to the original (last-known) manager:
  • keeperrings
  • stuckmigration
  • system
  • uhh_forgot
Rings managed by the ID foster_ringmanager are those which were migrated but seem abandoned or have an unresponsive manager, as reported to Support by members. These are being managed by the system and WebRing Team as we attempt to reach the manager. These rings may eventually become assignable as well. Should you happen upon a ring with an unreachable/unresponsive manager, contact WebRing Support with the manager's USER ID and explain why you believe the manager to be unreachable/unresponsive. They will give you further instructions

You are on your own to locate adoptable or assignable rings. To request one of the available rings, contact WebRing Support. Include the RING ID and your LOGIN ID. Please do not write if you cannot provide BOTH of these items. These are basic items that every manager candidate should know, however, if you do not, check the Help Guide's Glossary. You will be contacted with the decision within a week or two, depending upon the volume of Support requests and number of pending requests.
Support has requested that I share the following with you:

  1. Only have one pending request at a time, this ensures everyone gets a fair shot. You may make a new request right after your previous request is granted, but subsequent requests made while one is pending are deleted.
  2. Be sure, especially with your login id that you submit it just as it appears when you are logged in. They are case-sensitive and the support team copies it right from your email. So if you submit user "Member", and your login shows you as user "member", you won't be able to access the ring, because the system won't recognize "Member" and "member" as the same person.
  3. It's currently taking up to 12 days to process requests due to technical priorities and the volume of requests. Re-submitting duplicate requests will only result in the earlier one being deleted, delaying the response time beyond two weeks.
  4. You will be notified of the decision, either way. Denials are only temporary in most cases. You will be given tips from Support as to what they would like to see change in your management approach in order to be approved at a later time. If you take the advice, contact them to re-request the ring. If not, arguing won't change their minds.

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