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Ring Helper/Manager Apprentice Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a ring helper. Here is what is expected of you:

  1. Log in at least twice a week to check for new applications.
  2. Determine if the submissions are qualified to hold membership and handle them accordingly
Once you are logged in, load the ring HUB URL and you'll see the Helper Options in the left column. Select "process new members". Some days there may be none, while other days one or more.

When you determine that a site is qualified to hold membership, run a checker test before approving. This will ensure that the site is either activated or suspended using the most current information. Please make no changes to the approval email, it is fully customized.

When you determine that a site is not qualified to hold membership, please explain the reason for denial in the email. The applicant has a right to know.

In extreme cases where the same person continually resubmits his denied site to the ring, you may deny him and check "do not send email".

This ring will be under system control for at least three months. If the manager has not reclaimed the ring by the end of that time period, it will be made available for adoption. Ring Helpers will be given first opportunity. So think about whether you'd like to have this ring permanently....and thanks for helping!