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Before completing the request form, be sure you understand the following information:
  1. Rings are no longer being transferred using the adoption email. To expedite ring adoptions, they are now being directly assigned to the new manager directly. If you are chosen, the ring will appear in your list of managed rings.
  2. Your submission will be reviewed, including the ring you indicate you manage currently. Your own ring is a reflection of you as a manager and will tell us if you can handle stepping into a position of chaos such as adopting a ring that has gone without management for months or even a year or more. Situations that may cause your application to be denied:
    • Currently-managed ring is relatively new, with little-to-no membership or traffic to indicate invitations have been made. (This doesn't prove your ability to manage a ring)
    • Excessive percentage of active sites failing the ring checker (This indicates a possible mismanagement of ring)
    • RM's active site failing the ring checker (There is just no excuse for a manager not to set the proper example)
    • Pending sites in the queue for an excessive period of time (This suggests a lack of interest in management duties)
    • Sites held in pending status until ring code has been added (Shows a possible lack of knowledge of how WebRing now operates)
    • Other, various indications that the existing ring is not being managed properly.
      "Excessive" percentages and time frames are relative to the ring in question. There is no set number or pre-determined time frames and can be influenced by other factors found during the review. For example, larger, higher-traffic rings may be given leeway due to the increased activity levels.
  3. Incomplete or erroneous submissions are disregarded. Be sure you understand what information is required, especially if you don't manage another ring. Those with no management experience will have to demonstrate qualifications through membership status and form accuracy.
    • Ring ID is the ID assigned to the ring to identify it in the system. It can be found after ring= in any navigation code.
    • Your ID is the ID you use to log in, the ID to which you'd want the adoption offer sent. Do not substitute U#s or Site ID#s. These don't identify you! Also, if your membership is not migrated to a WebRing ID, you cannot possibly be eligible to receive a ring.
    • Your status in the ring should be self-explanatory. Ensure you have a status in the ring, even if only 'pending'.
    • Ring ID of another ring you manage is vital. It gives you an edge over an applicant who leaves the field blank. The ring should be managed by the same ID and demonstrate your ability to manage. (If you are an established RM, known to the moderator of the Help Club, you need not complete this field.)
  4. All submissions are given a preliminary review when first received. If a submission is found to be a duplicate, the earlier submission will be deleted. (If you can't practice patience, it will be forced upon you!) Repeat offenders will not be considered for adoptions.
  5. Do not attempt to request adoption of a ring which is not listed on the Ring Adoption Agency. Only these rings are currently available. Unmigrated rings will be handled differently.
  6. There is currently a two-week backlog of requests. Continue to practice patience as I work to catch these up. You can expect a minimum of 14-21 days for your request to be processed.
Please note that while we do wish to adopt out as many rings as possible, we also place priority on ensuring these rings will be properly managed. Having rings end up abandoned later contradicts the purpose of adopting them now.

Again, rings are being assigned instead of transferred via email. This means important information that was normally included in those emails must now be communicated in another manner. Please read this page of information about adopted rings to ensure you make all the needed changes to your ring, post-adoption.

If you understand the above information, you may now proceed to the Adoption Form. It is assumed that by submitting the form that you have indeed read the above information.

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