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Congratulations on your new (actually 'previously-owned') ring. To help you get started, we have a few things you should note:
  1. Please check the ring code. It may have been customized to help promote the adoptable ring program. Return it to default or recustomize it right away to ensure it doesn't resemble the adoptable code.
  2. Some system messages (emails) were altered by the Adoptable Ring Team. You'll want to recustomize them or revert them to the default. If you desire to copy the 'default message', visit the Email section of the WebRing Help Site (
  3. Many adoptable rings need cleaned up and relaunched. Promote your newly-acquired ring in Manager ring such as WebRing Managers WebRing. Other manager rings we recommend can be found here.
Remember that the WebRing Help Site and affiliated Help Club are resources available to you and your ring members at any time.