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WebRing RingManager's Wish List
Submission Form

On October 12, 2001 Webring separated from Yahoo!, which will improve the way rings are managed and used. WebRing is always interested in knowing what Managers want to see in their WebRing. Use the form below to have your wish added to the list. Just like the wishes on the Yahoo!WebRing WishList, these wishes are seen by WebRing and each will be considered for future implementation.

  1. Email
    In the event I have a question or a reply. This will not appear on the WishList Page, to protect your privacy!

  2. ID
    So I know to whom to attribute the wish and to whom to send any replies

  3. What type of wish is this?
    New - not listed already
    Opinion - enhancement or suggestion to existing wish
    If you selected "opinion"....
    Please include the wish number, to ensure it's included in the intended location.

  4. Subject of Wish
    Short title for this wish

  5. Explanation
    Describe the wish AND include benefits of having it implemented

Most wishes will be published, but &rea reserves the right to refuse to include any wish for any reason. If your wish is not posted within a week, please resubmit. While this form server is reliable, it's not without occasional mistakes.
Additions and enhancements will be reviewed separately and included only if they strengthen an idea or take it in a viable direction. Opinions that serve only to agree will not be included.


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