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WebRing Member's Wish List

We have had the Manager's WishList for over a year, without a Member's version. Since there are more Members than Managers, it's only right that there is a place for their voices to be heard! This is list is viewed by WebRing and each request is considered. If you are a manager who has an idea for improving WebRing, just read the few rules:
  1. Please read the list before submitting wishes. Ensure your wish is not already posted.
  2. If your wish is posted, but you think something you can add will make it more likely to be granted, complete the form with your enhancements, referencing the proper wish.
  3. Please know that not all wishes come true. But if you don't make it, it certainly won't.
  4. Use the prepared form to ensure all needed information is included.
Last Update: 4:13 PM 3/14/02

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