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NEW!! Created just for those who have never held a WebRing membership:
This ring is designed just for those who may be new to the system and aren't sure what to do to join! Start by clicking the "join now" button!

What isa WebRing? By definition it is one of the best ways to find great sites. Similar sites are grouped together in rings and each site is linked to another by a simple navigation bar. Rings form a concentration of sites, allowing visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. Each Ring is created and maintained by an individual web site owner called the RingMaster. RingMasters determine the look and feel of the Ring, approve and manage member sites, and encourage other sites to join. RingMasters help to develop virtual communities based on the Ring topic.
What this means is that a site is signed up for a webring, the site owner places a snippet of navigation code on the site, then sits back and reaps the benefits of increased traffic. Best part of it all, it's free. Donations are gratefully accepted but no one is refused use of the service by not donating.

What isn't a WebRing? It's not a Group or Club, like you'll find on Yahoo! It's not a message board or a discussion group.
What this means is that websites join WebRings, not people. If you do not have a website, you will not benefit from joining a webring; in fact, you won't even be approved for membership!

How does a WebRing work? If well-managed, a WebRing can generate additional traffic to sites that might not have been found otherwise. It's all through the use of the navigation code. Each member is assigned a code which is unique to their membership. In turn, that code allows visitors to navigate the ring, site-by-site, eventually returning to the starting point.

This page could probably go on forever, expanding into so many other aspects, but this is the general idea, enough to get you started. Other pages within this site will answer other questions you may have.

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