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Below is a list of the WebRing Status report links, with a brief recap of what can be found in each.
  • 27FEB2002
    New Features: Ring Helpers, Featured Sites, Customize emails, SSNB placeholders, Individual site disabling of auto-suspend. Future Features: Navigation code wizard, Immediate activation.
  • 16FEB2002
    Problems: bandwidth issue, ring and navbar logo size limits, automated management failures. Future Features: SSNB placeholder changes, Navigation code wizard, Immediate activation, Individual site disabling of auto-suspend. Other: Changes to the checker frequency, Update on Abandoned rings
  • 21JAN2002
    Announcement of completed separation and enabling of all automanagment features. New Features: Global URL/U# edit, Layout change for View Web Sites page, Send/No Send email option, Inclusion of SSNB code in application email, Changes to directory listings. Information about abandoned rings.
  • 31DEC2001
    Reminder of migration deadline. New Features: Conditional Approval, Pass_L checker status, SSNB "inactive" link. Future Features: Auto-management, Auto-rearrange, Checker configuration, WebRing based "migration" page, User ID lookup tool. Support and help page information, separate links to the problem/fix lists.
  • 03DEC2001
    New Features: Adult ring partitions, Authorizing access to Adult content, Split/merge stacks, Site "checker", More management sort buttons Future Features: Help pages, Support, Stats, SSNB management, RingMaster homepages, Site "promotion", Continued enhancements to emails, Adoption of abandoned Rings, Improved communication tools. Introduction of PayPal donations, plus migration details and problem reports.
  • 11NOV2001
    New Features: Ring recateogorization, Ring renaming, Email customization, SSNB customization, User profiles, Join pages, Site stats. Also included are migration details and problem reports.
  • 10OCT2001
    Explanation of the early changes for managers, members, and in general

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