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This section contains information which is more advanced than the quick reference steps. It's designed for the more advanced manager with special needs or desires. These directions help accomplish things that couldn't normally be done through WebRing, through loopholes....imperfectly legal operations and techniques used to your advantage. Some of these may seem basic, depending just how advanced your WebRing or HTML knowledge is.

Merging Two Rings

  1. Log into YOUR ID, then submit to the new ring the site you wish to transfer
  2. Approve the site
  3. Assign it to the ID of the rightful owner
  4. Find the membership in the old ring and assign it to your ID
  5. Delete the membership
  6. Continue until all members are moved
* This will only work for migrated members displaying the JavaScript SSNB as it will remove the old ring and replace it with the new one. Unmigrated members or those displaying HTML will test FAIL in your ring PLUS continue to display navigation for the old ring.

Migrating Another Member's Membership

  1. Visit the unmigrated site to locate an email address (wouldn't hurt to test it for validity)
  2. Using the account name in the email or on the site's URL, create a User Name
  3. Use that same name as the password
  4. Insert a birthday, such as December 7, 1944 (something that will trigger with Support that the ID was likely created by someone OTHER than the member)
  5. Log back into your ID
  6. Assign the membership to the newly-created ID
* You can still create the ID even if the email address is invalid, you just won't be able to email the member, but then again, you couldn't do it when the membership was UNmigrated, either. Delete/Suspend without Notifying Member
  1. Locate membership you wish to suspend or delete
  2. Enter the edit screen
  3. Change the site ownership to your ID
  4. Suspend or delete the site
  5. If suspending, you can assign it to the original owner again

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