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It's important never to forget one's roots

Yahoo!WebRing as we know it today had very humble beginnings. The original ring was designed by Sage Weil using his own cgi-script in May, 1994. The concept took off.

It was so popular that in June, 1995, Weil created WebRing, which launched officially eight months later. By 1997, WebRing was a hot commodity that Sage Weil sold to Starseed, Inc.

In 1998 Starseed was acquired by Geocities, who made no major changes to the system. However, just a few months later, in early 1999, Yahoo! bought Geocities. Eighteen months after the acquisition, on September 5, 2000, Yahoo! unveiled a fully-overhauled WebRing, known as Yahoo!WebRing.

On April 15, unbeknownst to 99.9% of WebRing users, Yahoo! pulled their support of WebRing, leaving it in the hands of one technician, an original tech. On October 12, 2001, he unveiled the improved WebRing, completely free of Yahoo! influence.

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