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Just a bit of information about this section to help you get started. The FAQs are more than just frequently asked questions. It's over 100 questions that might enter into the head of anyone working with WRs. Any type of general question gets worked in eventually.
This section is divided into four sections:
  • Managers Targeting managers who normally consider themselves familiar with the operations of WebRing
  • Members Targeting members who normally consider themselves familiar with the operations of WebRing
  • Newer Managers Targeting those who have recently created or adopted their first ring or are having trouble administering the ring management tools.
  • New Members Targeting those who are considering joining a WR-hosted ring or have joined just a few and still have questions.

There is a search function that will allow you to enter keywords and receive a list of related questions from all four categories. In addition there is a place to enter your own question. Before using this option:

  1. Ensure it's a question that affects ring users in general. (If it's a problem specific to your ring or membership, post it at the Help Group.)
  2. Post only one question per form. If the questions are valid, I'll want to add them directly to the database.
  3. DO NOT include your URL. Remember, we're looking to add questions that could be asked by anyone.
  4. Keep the questions brief. If you cannot ask your question in two sentences or less, it probably isn't the type of question we want here.
For those wishing to link to this site, please use the main URL of the Help Site.

The FAQs were last updated: 8:15 AM 3/12/02

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