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The following are the "replacements". These are constants you can use that will be replaced with specific information unique to each membership or ring. As I confirm where each is valid, I'll update the left column. Some cannot be used in both mail and SSNB, while some are just not practical for use in both. SSNB replacements will be expanded eventually.

Use ReplacementGet ResultCompatibility
--title--Ring's TitleSSNB   1
--ringid--Ring's IDEmail/Unconfirmed
--sitetitle--Title of member siteEmail/Unconfirmed
++id++Site ID# of member siteSSNB
--id--Site ID# of member siteEmail
--siteurl--URL of member siteUnconfirmed
--siteyid--WebRing ID of memberEmail/SSNB
--mail--Manager's email addressUnconfirmed
--name--WebRing ID of managerSSNB
--rmsite--Site ID# of designated RM's siteEmail/SSNB
--gurl--http://* - combine with others to create navigation commandsEmail/SSNB
RandomSSNB   2
--gurl--?ring=--ringid--&id=++id++&nextNextSSNB   2
--gurl--?ring=--ringid--&id=++id++&skipSkip nextSSNB   2
--gurl--?ring=--ringid--&id=++id++&prevPreviousSSNB   2
--gurl--?ring=--ringid--&id=++id++&sprevSkip previousSSNB   2
--gurl--?ring=--ringid--&id=--rmsite--&goRing HomepageEmail/SSNB
--nurl--http://* - combine with Ring ID/Site ID#s to get hub variationsEmail/SSNB
--nurl--?ring=--ringid--List Sites (ring hub beginning with first site)Email/SSNB
Ring hub beginning with next 20 sitesSSNB   2
--nurl--?ring=--ringid--&id=++id++&prev5Ring hub beginning with previous 20 sitesSSNB   2
--murl--http://* - combine with other replacements to create editing/joining commandsEmail/SSNB
--murl--?ring=--ringid--&id=--id--&editEdit membershipEmail/SSNB
--murl--?ring=--ringid--&addsite URL for submission formEmail/SSNB
--navbarlogourl--URL of designated navbar logoEmail/SSNB
--navolcolor--Designated hex code for border (outline) color for navbarEmail/SSNB
--navbgcolor--Designated hex code for background color for navbarEmail/SSNB
--ssnbcode--Will provide the customized coding for each memeberApplication Email
1 In Email, this variable replaces with the site's title instead of the ring's title.
2 For this to work in email, the variable --id-- must be used in place of ++id++

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