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You'll see that I utilize Yahoo!Messenger and frequently show as "online". However, I am not available for one-on-one assistance via Messenger or even email. Most basic questions and situations are addressed in the FAQs and detailed in other sections. If you find that you have a technical situation, then click here to reach the Help Club. If your question is not technical and not addressed here at this site, post it to me via Yahoo!Experts. For quickest results, post it to me directly. I am notified of your pending question, whereas those posted to the general board notify no one. Be sure to include URLs, ring IDs (or hub URLs, but NOT ring TITLES), site ID#s, and other information that may help solve the problem quickly.
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I do not accept help requests via Y!M or email due to the need to keep organized and have a permanent point of reference. Attempts to contact me via email/Y!M will be referred to one of the forums I've already mentioned.

Generally, my online schedule follows a strict pattern, as I have few other outside responsibilities (ah, the life of a pampered housewife!) Thus, if you post your needs during these hours, you will normally get a timely response. All times shown are Eastern.

Monday7am through 4pm
Tuesday12 through 4pm
Wednesday7-9am; 3-4pm
Thursday12 through 4pm
Friday7am through 4pm
Saturday7 through 11am every other
Sunday7 through 8:30pm (September and May ONLY)
Any adjustments to this schedule are announced in advance in the Help Club.

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