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Read, Enter, Join, Post

Those are the four steps to getting your problem solved! The Help Club is the only method of getting technical assistance with your question/problem. Prior to posting the first time, be sure you understand the following guidelines. By establishing these, I can better assure timely and accurate responses for everyone. Members who choose not to observe these guidelines may find solutions delayed or not provided at all.

We ask that you respect the following rules:

  1. Do not use this Club for commentary or to discuss rumors. "Rumors, speculation, and hearsay" are better suited for our sister Club, the original Help Club.
  2. Please leave posts for moderators. This Club is not a "members helping members" forum. Post only your problems and follow-ups. Do not reply to other posts.
  3. Once you've posted about a situation, do not edit or make adjustments to the page in question, ring codes, or memberships until the situation is considered resolved. This may create confusion during a review. And please be patient while awaiting an answer. There are many problems and only two WebRing team members.
  4. No off-topic posts or site promotions will be tolerated. First offense is deletion of post and member banishment to ensure there is no second offense.
  5. Provide full documentation, as described below. We not only need to see the problem as you see it but also must have precise identifying information in order to assist you efficiently.
Posts that break these rules will be removed and habitual offenders will be banned.

Every situation will require intense documentation. Be sure you are providing all of the following:

  1. Your User (LOGIN) ID
  2. Ring ID (NOT TITLE) of ring in question
  3. Site ID# of site in question
  4. URL of site in question
  5. Indication as to whether you are writing as manager or member of this ring
  6. Full explanation of the problem (including details about what you have tried and what the results were, plus URLs of additional pages that may help us see the problem as you do.)
If you are missing information, a reply of "insufficient documentation" will result. Nothing will be done about your request until full information is provided.
Enter the Help Club

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