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Understanding Checker Results

When you first submit your site to a ring, this will generally be your test result:

The checker hasn't yet tested your site thus it can neither PASS nor FAIL. If your site was approved at this point to join a ring running on Conditional Approval, your membership would be suspended. Conditional approval requires a test result of either PASS/PASS-L.

  JavaScript PASS
If you are using the JavaScript Server Side Navigation Bar, you need only concern yourself with one section of the test, as shown below in the red box:

When the checker finds the correct combination of User ID and U# on the registered URL, the membership will PASS. If either of these FAILs, the membership will FAIL. If using the JavaScript and either one or both of these test FAIL, compare the code generated by the system. If the code you display is identical to the system code, refer to the section "Why Sites Fail", also within this Help Site, for additional assistance.

If you are using the straight HTML code, you ignore the section of the test in parenthesis, as you won't have a USER ID or U# within the HTML. You need only concern yourself with the minimum required links. You may see some elements FAILing, but the overall test PASSes, as shown below

If the checker finds at least one listing command (hub, next5, last5) and at least one navigation command (random, next, skip, prev, sprev), the membership will PASS. Not all codes will contain all commands, thus only the minimum required will be sought for a PASS result.

Most FAILures will look like this one:

Unfortunately, this one is vague and doesn't narrow down the problem. It could be any one of a number of problems described on "Why Sites Fail". However, some FAILing test results give some insight as to what the problem is.
With this FAILure, it's a coding problem. Look at the information inside the red box. The ID PASSes but the U# FAILs. This clearly indicates that the code is not correct for this particular ring membership (although it may work perfectly for others.)

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